Why Battery Metals

We believe that renewable energy and mobile technology are the growth industries of the future. And to keep developing at full throttle they need an increasing supply of these metals.

One of the biggest drivers is consumer demand for Electric vehicles. From Tesla to BMW, the big companies are building their cars around battery technology that needs both Lithium and Cobalt.

Governments are also getting involved. To combat air pollution, China has legislated that an increasing percentage of all new car sales must be electric vehicles. The U.K. and other countries around the world are following suit.

But we believe that this is just the beginning of the story…

We are still in the early days of mobile technology and are yet to see the wide scale uptake of rechargeable battery banks, like the Tesla Wall in homes, or larger government funded projects, like the South Australian Government’s wind farm battery.

That is why we are exploring a number of prospects across Australia and are currently undertaking an extensive drilling program at the Wollogorang Cobalt Project in the Northern Territory.